EMF reduction

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(EMF) Electro Magnetic Fields – reduction.

After several years of research and contact from persons globally whom have tried so-called EMF mitigation products, (cell phone polymer chips, stickers, cell phone radiation cases, special water, and the like), none of these products actually work, (none that I know of). They are not backed by science, however they do prey on the emotions of the sufferer of EMF exposure, (and the concerned person). In turn monies are wasted on nothing more than a placebo.

Some products do actually more harm than good. It is extremely important for the consumer, (the person using the cell phone, or whatever appliance), to reduce their exposure, as EMF is cumulative. Once the immune system becomes compromised by EMF over-exposure, a plethora of symptoms begin to develop, (more on this later) …

It is extremely difficult to measure something we cannot initially feel with our 5 senses, until symptoms of malaise occur. What I have discovered years ago, is that a (LF) low frequency (RF) radio frequency, measurement tool in the form of an electrosmog detector or meter, enabled myself to not only measure the ambient RF, in and out of the home, but also the LF from household appliances, thereby I was able to reduce my exposure significantly with success.

We cannot know what EMF’s we are exposed to, unless we can measure the frequencies. EMF reduction is important for the body to maintain homeostasis, circadian rhythm, melatonin production …………….

To be continued …