Children are most vulnerable to brain tumors, their brain is still developing neurological pathways, their skulls are thinner absorbing more radiation, their skull has more conductive fluid as their brain is smaller, their (BBB) blood brain barrier to protect their brain from toxins and carcinogens is not fully formed. It is not advisable to place a cell phone or cordless phone next to the head. Many cell phone manuals will state to keep a distance from the head and body. Unfortunately, not many persons read the distance warnings buried deep within the cell phone manuals.

Cell Phones Raise Risk of Cancer.

I would like to advise that I am not a doctor. After having a brain tumor removed on 12/02/2007, I began to understand that the brain tumor grew from years of cell phone use. I researched the scientific studies by qualified doctors, scientists, epidemiologists. I was in the high risk category (ten years of use) of getting a brain tumor. It is my duty to make this site, to educate people about this repetitive onslaught against humanity, and the ecology, every day by humanity. EMR exposure worldwide is now evidently inescapable. Every one is affected in some way. People will become sick and die. Evidence globally proves this epidemic has already begun and will increase in severity. The financial costs to global governments will be immense, the burden on hospitals, health professionals, surgeons, will undoubtedly increase in time.

Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?

We all play a part in this EMR global experiment through our ignorance of the dangers of (EMR) – electromagnetic radiation. The politically correct term is electromagnetic field (EMF) or (energy). The definitions are used to not scare the public from the huge microwave radiation issue. Adverse health effects on the body of (EMR/EMF) are the same. To increase public understanding, of the dangers of cell phone towers, cell phones, wireless modems, cordless phones, wifi, wimax, by links, pictures, videos, is my aim. I am not against technology. However this technology at the rate being deployed is killing us with, brain tumors, brain cancers, breast cancers plus inducing a plethora of other disease, illness and disabilities. Many people are very isolated from society due to ill health. Our body has no biological mechanism that can tolerate artificial repetitive pulsating microwave radiation, our body cannot adapt to this onslaught.

Radiation (RF EMR) sources, safety standards, and research.

I share with you some personal pictures of the brain tumor caused by cell phone use. The brain tumor took years to develop, some people are not lucky and are dead within months or years. Cell phone towers are being placed every where,  with little regard to public health safety. Biologically we cannot accept irradiation 24 hours a day. Many cell phone transmitters are being disguised as trees, are in synagogues, church steeples, supermarket signs or placed on roofs. Health implications of genuine (EMR) studies indicate clearly these (EMR) levels must be reduced, immediately. The precautionary principle must be followed in all nations. Cell phone towers must never be placed in residential areas, especially not near schools. The child’s brain is still developing. A cell phone tower near a school cheats the children of a vibrant healthy life.

Cell Towers.

The cell phone industry have known all of the facts of the dangers many years ago, but chose to ignore the data and manipulated studies to cause confusion. Hundreds of peer reviewed studies by reputable scientists clearly show with no doubt DNA damage, resulting in tumors and cancers, by cell phones and cancer clusters by cell phone towers. Scientific and epidemiological data has shown a direct link to cancers and brain tumors, plus many other cancers and illness due to (EMR). Many scientific peer reviewed studies can be found on the Internet explaining the … cause and effect link …

Cell Phone Antennas on Apartment Rooftops and their Health Effects.


WiFi in Schools is it safe or not?