Tea is a popular drink, which we use every day for a host of many reasons and the reasons why we use tea differs from one person to the other. There are different types of tea and there are different types of reasons why they are used. The Chinese who are the originators of tea use tea for a host of many reasons and one of the main reasons why they use the tea is for the medicinal benefits.

The many teas we have now comes from different sources and the places where the tea is used determines what sort of benefits it gives to those who use it. In Iceland and cold places, the tea they drink in that place is to assist them to ward off the cold from affecting their bodies and for others a host of other reasons. With that being said, I want to inform you on the many types of herbal teas which you can get to help you get proper digestion and assist you to ease that gastric problem you encounter after taking a sturdy meal.




The herbs can be employed in a variety of many ways and these include the tea infusions and the tea tinctures. There are many kinds of herbal teas which can be purchased in chain supermarkets, food health shops and even in closeness centers as well and they can either be bought in the made form or the raw form. If you buy the raw form, they can be prepared at home by the use of modest ingredients and tools which you already have in your home and if you don't have you can buy the equipment at your local kitchen equipment dealer.

If you want to make your own homemade herbal tea using dried herbs, then you need to have a tea bag or some tea bags that is if you are looking into the prospect of making some more herbal teas in the future. What this would mean for you is that you would be able to make your own tea batch once in a week or even in a month, instead of just anytime you want to drink herbal tea. The tea bags are sealed with a drawstring and a tea strainer can be used with garden-fresh or dried out herbs that are if you want to prepare every cup of tea solo and you want to avoid the need of straining the permeated liquid.

There are many reasons as to why herbal tea with bitter taste is good for the health. One of the reasons as agreed by traditional herbalists is because they believe that the herbal tea is capable of increasing the emission of digestive liquid in the body and this can fasten the pace of digestion in the human body. Another reason is that the bitter herbs can also assist with bloating, gaseous emissions, indigestion and digestive upheaval which is caused as a result of food allergies. Also, carminative herbs which include caraway, assam loose tea, fennel, and cumin can warm up the body digestive system and reduce the gaseous emissions, assist in increasing the speed and carefulness of the digestion itself.


One of the herbal tea which can be used for these processes is the Infusion tea, which is a kind of herbal tea and which is used to aid people who have digestive issues. The infusion tea can be bought in the processed form or even in the raw form. The infusion tea can be prepared at home with kitchen equipment and the procedures involved in making the tea includes. Placing the tea which should be of the quantity of one or two of piled tsp. dried herb in a jug or mug and then cover with hot water. The herbs should be allowed to seep for a period of five minutes and then it should be strained keeping the liquid as it is strained. If the herbs are to be prepared for children then it should be noted that there are procedures for doing this as well.


If the infusion tea is to be prepared for children of the age of one to two years, then you should dilute a ten ml of two tsp. the infusion should be a measurement of hundred ml and warm water should be added to the medicinal herbs. Because of its bitter taste, the infusion tea can be made sweet by adding a little honey or adding a little agave syrup if wanted and the preparation can be taken in its hot or cold form. If you are using the tea bag strainer, then it is necessary to add a one tsp. of herbs inside and trickle as normal before eradicating and throwing away the herb chaffs.

The second tea is the Fennel herbal tea, which is also known as the Foeniculum Vulgare. The fennel herb is a robust, lasting herb which possesses yellow flowers and has feathery leaves as well. The corm of the flower is used as a vegetable and the flower has an anise-like flavor and it also has a crunchy texture. The fennel bulb or corm can also be stewed, sautéed or even grilled and it can also be eaten in its raw form as well. The fennel corm is sometimes included in fishy and potato meals and even in salads as well. The offshoot of the leaves can be included in salads and even sauces also, it can be used as a garnish ingredient.

The fennel herb seeds are palatable and are somewhat alike in perception to the infusion and it has an anise look as well, which it looks like something from the carrot family. The herbal seeds of the fennel plants can be used to make fennel tea, which is the best way for one to get the benefits of the fennel plant if you are looking to use the fennel herbal tea for treating a medical condition. The fennel herbal tea just like the infusion tea can be bought in its processed form and in its raw form as well. The tea can be made with home kitchen equipment and it can be drunk when it is either hot or cold. The fennel tea helps in relieving symptoms associated with gaseous emission and indigestion issues as well.

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